In collaboration with our partner WEST BRABANT TECHNIEK we have a lot of experience with robots and controllers. For example, a complete test set-up of a FANUC robot (pick & place) was in our workshop in combination with the Schnell stirrup bender machine type Smart and a welding machine.
The reason for this is the increasing interest within this sector. With a test setup all facets are made clear and the advantages of such a production method are demonstrated in one practical example.

Smart robot fanuc schnell dekker welding

The advantages:
• A modern, flexible and efficient solution for production processes
• Replacement of difficult, heavy and ergonomically unsafe situations
• Less product outage
• High efficiency
• A constant quality with regard to product and delivery
• Fast payback time
We have already placed robots at Noordenne Staal, Nigtevecht Beton, Pekso, Albert Hein, and more.