Mesh Support Cart

The Mesh Support Cart has been specially developed for the transport of welded steel mesh on the construction site where no crane or other lifting equipment can be used. By special placement of the wheels it is very easy to pull or push the Mat Cart.

Welded steel mesh slabs are no longer lifted with the Mesh Support Cart, but are moved like a regular wheelbarrow. This makes a faster, easier and cheaper mesh transportation possible. With the Mesh Support Cart construction steel sizes up to 225 kg can be moved by one steelfixer. By using 2 Mesh Support Carts, the two steelfixers help each other to slide the welded steel mesh on the Mesh Support Cart. They help each other again to place/slide the steel mesh in the right place inside the building. This allows only 2 people to move the meshes.

Ergonomist Martin Kunst from Inspectorate SZW (Dutch safety inspection) explains why the Mesh Support Cart is preferable to lifting with several people. “With this so-called team lifting, it is difficult to determine what each individual has to endure separately. People differ in physical strength, so one compensates for the lack of strength of the other. Moreover, the front two have the heavier because they have to steer the load. A reinforcement net weighs 100 kg on average. Because of these factors the weight regularly exceeds the average of 25 kg per person. “

The ELECTRIC Mesh Support Cart on polystyrene, by electric drive can be driven with one hand.